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Something to yell about

As you may already know I’m a Tigres fan what you might not know is that this weekend they will play against their archenemy the other team in this city: Rayados.

This is by far the most important match of each tournament for the people that live in this city and its whereabouts. I’m a very big fan of my team and I collected (with the help of one of my dearest friends) a series of numbers to criticize and argue with some Rayados fans. I’m not doing this because I love to have verbal fights (though I do like them :D) but mostly because this is the only week where you can discuss it as much as you want, everyone will know something about it and most of the people can say if they prefer one team or another.

There are many “reasons” to support either team, I decided to become part of this team in early 90’s and this weekend I’ll dye my hair with its colors, actually I’ll just paint it not really dye, and will wear proudly their uniform, this Saturday they’ll play in our stadium and I can’t wait to see this match again, the only chance I had to watch this live was in 1996 and it was the most awful one, I hope this time we can win and have something to yell about until next tournament.

¡Vamos Tigres!